On behalf of the Choral competition organising committee

50 anniversary choral competition on 26 October 2017


As part of the 50th Celebrations of Nauru’s Independence the Choral Competition Organising Committee will again organise a competition for both Duet and Trio categories. Both competitions will take place on Thursday 26th October 2017 (Angam Day) at Centennial Hall at 7.30pm.

Competition is open to all individuals in all age groups and applicable only to citizens of Nauru.

Rules of the Competition
• Participation for both categories Duet and Trio is open
• Selected songs by the Committee for both categories only.
• Competition of both 14 years and under and open from 15 years and over.
• Light musical accompaniments only such as guitars, mandolins and ukuleles can be used.

Selection of Judges
• Committee will select the judges
• Either composers or family members of the selected songs will be included in the panel of judges.
• Different judging panels for both Duet and Trio categories (3 in each including composers or -)

Judging Criteria
• Harmony
• Diction
• Creativity

• Cash prizes awarded to winners only.
• Cash prize for Duet is $600.00
• Cash prize for Trio is $900.00
• Consolation prizes awarded to participants organized by Home Affairs sponsored by Taiwan Embassy.

Music and lyrics of both songs for Duet and Trio can be collected at the Nauru Media office.

Closing Date of Registration and Contacts
• Registration of names to be given by 22nd October 2017 by end of business.
• Names to be given to the following persons:

Eiri Menke – Sharain Hiram – 557-3033
Mary Tebouwa – 557-3368 Tara Detogia – 557-9212
Stella Duburiya – 557-9249 Alina Amwano – 558-3113
Cynthia Dekarube – 557 -3032 Victoria Scotty – 557 3192
Joy Heine -557-9283 Francine Garoa – 557-2983

For more information contact:- 557-3033 or 557-2983