On behalf of Nauru Utilities Corporation

Planned load shedding schedule:

Date : 24th June 2017 (Saturday)
Reason : Relocation of Generator #7B to accommodate new MAN engines transformers.

Affected areas : (1) Ring main south, (2)Ring main north
Time : (1) 8am – 11am (3hrs), (2) 11am – 2pm (3hrs)

District : (1) Aiwo,Boe,Buada,Yaren & Meneng, (2) NIbok,Uaboe,Baitsi,Ewa,Anetan,Anabar,Ijuw & Anibare.

Power Supply will normalise in all areas as soon as the above mentioned works have completed.

Thank you for your patience and anticipate your understanding.

Circulated by the Nauru Government Information Office on behalf of:
Nauru Utilities Corporation

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