Cliff lodge to be site of new state house

Landowners of portions 245 and 105 sign the land over to be developed for official government residence The Nauru Government and landowners of ‘Cliff Lodge’ in Denig District signed a land lease agreement that will make way for the construction of a new state house.

His Excellency President Baron Waqa and the last two remaining signatories of 22 landowners of portions 245 and 105 Mrs Nyoka Rose Bill and Ms Eidina Maraken, signed the agreement in an official ceremony hosted on site at the former Cliff Lodge on 15 September.

The two signatures finalises the landowners collective agreement to allow the land to be leased and used by the government as the state house residence, for an initial 50 year term with additional 20 years.

President Waqa briefly outlined the background of the land lease agreement and the government’s plans to develop the principle land and those extending across the road and to the sides, as the new state house residence for Nauru’s presidents.

In his address, President Waqa expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the government for the landowners consent to the use of their land.

Mrs Bill spoke on behalf of the landowners thanking the Nauru Government for taking up the land and developing it for the benefit of Nauru and expressed pride that her family land will host the new state house.

There has been no official residence for the presidents of Nauru for many years.

This agreement puts in motion the design and construction of the official residence which has a view overlooking a government school and phosphate loading to the far left and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

The area known as Cliff Lodge was the residence of the manager of former phosphate company the British Phosphate Commission then later the general manager of the Nauru Phosphate Corporation, until it was returned to landowners.

The former state house was on the other side of the island in Menen district, the area now houses Nauru Primary School, several government departments and the government warehouse