Gabrissa Hartman takes oath of office as new MP

Gabrissa Hartman was sworn in as the newest Member of Parliament before acting Chief Justice Shafiullah Khan and full attendance of members in parliament on 24 January.

In taking the oath Ms Hartman swears to “be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Nauru” and “will justly and faithfully carry out my duties as a Member of Parliament of Nauru.”

In her maiden speech during the adjournment debate Ms Hartman said she is indebted to her voters for their trust and comes to parliament with great hopes for Nauru.

“I will honour that trust by working hard to ensure your ideals are heard and represented and that the values and traditions of our great nation are respected and defended.

“I respectfully commend the work of the Waqa Government and yet I come to the House still yearning and full of hope for our country.

“If we don’t yearn and hope and aspire then there would be no need for continuous improvement. That is the essence of my yearnings and hope for our nation,” Ms Hartman said.

Ms Hartman paid tribute to her predecessor the late Hon Valdon Dowiyogo honouring him as “a great community man” and a “prolific sportsman.”

Her speech encompasses ideals of law and order, improved education, access to safe housing that would lead to better living standards. Spark the private sector and open the horizons for a future abroad for the people, reinvigorate land rehabilitation, to be ready for a life beyond the processing centre, gender balance in parliament, and a strong spirit of aspiration beyond a welfare state.

“I reach out a genuine hand of friendship to all my colleagues that we serve together to nurture and protect our people.”