Job Vacancy (NRPCC): General Hand, Community officers, Plumbing assistant

The Nauru (RPC) Corporation is looking for interested individuals to fill in vacancies at Canstruct International (CSI) for the following:

• General Hand
• Community Liaison Officers (x2)
• Community Engagement Officers (x4)
• Plumbing Trades Assistant (x1)

Please find attached full job descriptions.

For further details please contact the NRPCC’s Human Resource officers at 557 5055 and 557 5056.

Closing date for applications is Friday 12th January 2018.

NRPCC vacany advert – Community Liaison Officer

NRPCC vacany advert- Plumbing Trades Assistant

NRPCC vacany advert- Settlement General Hand

NRPCC vacany advert- Community Engagement Officer