Job Vacancy (Utilities): Health & Safety Assistant

NUC would like to invite applications for the following vacancy.

Vacancy: Health & Safety Assistant
Section: Safety & Security
Reports to: Safety & Security Manager
Annual rate: Starting Salary $8,466.00-$8,720.00

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Develop methods based on experience, historical data and other sources that anticipates and can predict possible hazards from occurring.
2. Apply these methods and conduct hazard analysis and interpret results.
3. Review entire systems, processes and operations for failure modes, causes and effect and any subsystems or components due to human error, incomplete or faulty decision making, weakness in proposed or existing policies.
4. Reviewing, compiling, analysing and interpreting data from accident and loss event reports and other resources regarding injuries, illnesses, property damage, environmental effects or public impacts.
5. Providing counsel and advice about compliance with safety, health and environmental laws, codes, regulations and standards.
6. Conduct research studies of existing or potential safety and health problems and issues.
7. Determining the need for surveys and appraisals that help identify conditions or practices affecting safety & health, including those which require the services of health and safety specialists.
8. Assessing environments, tasks and other elements to ensure that physiological and psychological capabilities, capacities and limits of humans are not exceeded.
9. Formulating and prescribing engineering or administrative controls, preferably before exposures, accidents and loss events occur to:
-eliminate hazards and causes of exposures, accidents and loss events.
-reduce the probability or severity of injuries, illnesses, losses or environmental damage from potential exposures and accidents.
10. Developing safety, health and environmental policies, procedures, codes and standards for integration into operational policies of organizations, unit operations, purchasing and contracting.
11. Participate with teams involved in planning, design development and installation or implementation of systems or programs involving hazard controls.
12. Prepare reports which communicate valid and comprehensive recommendations for hazard controls, which are based on analysis and interpretation of accident, exposure, loss event and other data.
13. Using written and graphic presentations and other communication media to recommend hazard controls and hazard control policies, procedures and program effectiveness.
14. Establishing and implementing techniques which involve risk analysis, cost and cost, cost-benefit analysis, work sampling, loss rate and similar methodologies for periodic and systematic evaluation of hazard control and hazard control program effectiveness.
15. Assist in ensuring that all work areas are maintained in a clean, safe and orderly manner at all times.
16. Cooperate with NUC management in regards to any duties or requirements imposed on them by relevant Health & Safety legislations and ensure compliance.
17. Carry out any other work related duties as delegated by the Safety & Security Manager.
18. Carry out duties and responsibilities considered appropriate and relevant by NUC Management.

Preferably Trade certificate or Diploma in Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering or has worked in this areas or as an OHS Officer for 2 years or more.

Work conditions: Must be able to
-work extended hours
-work as a team player
-work under stressful condition
-meet deadlines
-contribute to development & success of Corporation

Please submit application in a letter form with necessary attachments such as CV, references and other relevant documents. Application should be addressed to Nauru Utilities Human Resource Manager. Application forms are available at the HR Office.

Closing date: Friday 19th January 2018