Jubilee celebrations to launch on handover day

Celebrations for Nauru’s 50th Independence Day anniversary will officially launch with a mega carnival packed with entertainment this weekend, 1 July.

The announcement was made by President Baron Waqa during a televised address on public service, reiterating the importance and significance the anniversary is to Nauru and gave thanks for God’s protection and guidance for Nauru through trying times.

The date is also official commencement dates for state owned entities Ronphos, 2005, Nauru Airlines, 1996, and Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority (NFMRA), 1997.

The date has a further historical significance when phosphate operations were handed over from the British Phosphate Commission to the Nauru Phosphate Corporation on 1st July 1970.

The Mega Carnival or Idorodoro me ekababur ouwak will commence at 7am at the Linkbelt Oval with novelty sporting events and stalls on display.

A march parade will make its way from the Ronphos head office to the oval at 9am followed by the official opening of the Mega Carnival by His Excellency President Baron Waqa at 10am.

The carnival will feature dance and singing groups, a magic show and balloonists as well as numerous stalls to cater for displays, food and drinks that will be set up by the different sporting federations, state owned enterprises, community groups, and individual vendors.