Motor Traffic Act 2014 – Traffic Infringement Notice

The public is hereby advised that the Nauru Police Force in enforcing the Motor Traffic Act 2014 (‘the Act’), will be issuing traffic infringement notices or on the spot fines of up to $500 for minor offences to people who commit offences under the Act. 
The ‘on the spot’ fines will be issued for the following offences:    


                                                                                                                                                 Maximum penalty 
1.    Driving Unregistered motor vehicle                                                                                    $500
2.    Registration label not visible                                                                                               $500
3.    Owner whilst passenger, allowing unregistered vehicle to be driven on a public road     $500
4.    Driving a motor vehicle with a number plate issued for another motor vehicle                  $500
5.    Driving without a valid license                                                                                             $100
6.    Driving without a carrying license                                                                                       $200
7.    Learner driving between 7pm & 7 am                                                                                 $200
8.    Failing to carry learner’s permit                                                                                           $100
9.    Failing to carry foreign license or failing to produce on request                                         $200
10.    Owner whilst passenger, allowing unlicensed driver to drive motor vehicle                     $500
11.    Exceeding the prescribed speed limit                                                                               $300
12.    Driving vehicle in hazardous situation with defective headlights, taillights                       $200
13.    Riding a bicycle at night without reflector lights at the front and back                              $200
14.    Riding a motorcycle without helmet                                                                                   $200
15.    Overloading of motorcycle (more than 1 passenger)                                                        $300
16.    Carrying child – 5 behind ride of motorcycle                                                                     $500
17.    Not wearing seatbelt                                                                                                          $500
18.    Carrying child-5 in front seat of motor vehicle                                                                   $200
19.    Carrying – 12 in back tray of motor vehicle without adult accompaniment                       $500
20.    Driver allowing second person to be in driver’s seat while is being driven                       $500
21.    Travelling in part of vehicle not for passengers, standing in vehicle while                       $200    
vehicle is moving or travelling in vehicle with body part out of vehicle