Nauru celebrates 49 years of constitution day

Nauru is celebrating 49 years of Constitution Day today, 17 May, with the annual athletics carnival and the President’s state banquet as a tribute to its supreme law.

The Constitution of Nauru came into force in January 1968 and provides for a parliament of 19 members elected from the eight constituencies of Nauru.

Alterations to the Constitution made by the Constitutional Convention of Nauru under Article 92 were made on 17 May 1968, hence Constitution Day.

“Constitution day is an important date in our Nauruan calendar. It is a day to commemorate achieving our constitution which sets the path for our laws, rights, and freedoms. It guides us as citizens, it guides our lawmakers and leaders and protects us in all aspects of our lives as Nauruans.

“We also remember the determination and hard work of our forefathers and their advisers that put together our supreme law. We welcome new citizens to our country and into our lives, may they be guided by our Constitution and our national motto of God’s will first,” His Excellency President Baron Waqa said.

The second citizenship ceremony was conducted yesterday (16 May) to confer citizenship certificates to the 34 individuals that have chosen Nauru as their new home. President Waqa handed over the certificates and Judge Jane Crulci presided over the oath ceremony.

In welcoming the new citizens, President Waqa said “we honour you today as Nauruans,” and acknowledged “this special and momentous day when Nauru’s Constitution was adopted by our forefathers 49 years ago. Our Constitution is our supreme law, and it is inspired by the Holy Bible.”

A national athletics carnival is organised every year on 17 May as part of the celebrations recognising the Constitution of Nauru.