Nauru National Sustainable Development Strategy

The National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) Technical Working Group (TWG) has ended public consultations on the Nauru 2005-2025 NSDS

This week, the TWG completed the consultations with all districts of Nauru.  This is in addition to meetings with the economic, infrastructure, education, health, community (women and youth) and the CSO sectors.

‘This has been an uplifting experience for myself and the TWG to visit the 14 districts throughout Nauru … to capture the voice of the communities relating to their development challenges and priorities…” TWG member, Mrs Clarissa Jeremiah said.

The NSDS as a development strategy that is integrative across economic, social and environmental pillars.  As a long term Strategy, it is intergenerational and intragenerational.  The design of the Strategy is participatory and transparent.

The inclusion of the youth group in the consultation is appreciated and welcomed by the Nauru Youth Council.  ‘As the youth will become the future leaders of Nauru, the TWG was keen to ensure that the youth of Nauru participate in this inclusive process ‘, Gwein Jose, Youth officer, said.

‘The youth group is often a marginalized group in national policy dialogue, the effort by the TWG to recognize the youth as an influencing agent, is terrific’ says Mr Jose.

To obtain the passive voices, a questionnaire has been administered by the TWG.  ‘While we will continue to receive late responses, the TWG will be compiling the outcome of the consultations for the review of the NSDS’, TWG member, Stella Duburiya  said