New Nauru Primary School adds to high class education system

Photographs attributable to Canstruct

Parents and students are lauding the new Nauru Primary School that opened on October 6.

The two story and eight classroom school has a capacity for 400 students and was built by Australian company Canstruct in collaboration with the Government of Nauru, the Australian Government, the Nauru Education Department and the Australian Border Force.

Using building materials that can cope with equatorial conditions – and able to withstand cyclones, earthquakes, fire, flood and termites – it was designed to stay cool with cross-flow airflow and ceiling fans which is appreciated by students given the Nauruan climate.

Since the school’s opening a month ago by Acting President and Minister for Education Hon Charmaine Scotty MP, regular classes have been operating in all subjects for children across the island including refugee and asylum seeker students.

Ms Scotty said the school was another step in the advancement of the country’s education system which can now claim to be one of the best in the Pacific region.

“Many of our schools are now very new and modern and others have been upgraded, and the quality of our teaching and educational administration is now comparable to Australian standards.

“It is a credit to our teachers and we also thank Catholic Education for their contribution.”

Ms Scotty said the Government was grateful to the Australian Government for their funding to enable the new primary school to be built and congratulated builder Canstruct for designing and building a complex that is world class.