On Behalf of Sports Department

Invitation for Tender for the Renovation of Sporting Facilities – Basketball/Volleyball Courts

Under the 2016-17 sports Direct Funding Arrangement, the Government of Nauru and the Government of Australia agreed to pursue measurable progress toward the achievement of improved sport participation and facilities. To help achieve this outcome a number of sporting facilities will be targeted for renovation across the island.

Request for Invitation
The Ministry of Sports wishes to invite the communities and general public to submit tenders in relation to Building and Construction services for the Renovation of up to six Basketball / Volleyball Courts in the Districts of Aiwo, Denigomodu (Location), Uaboe, Meneng, Yaren and Buada. Communities are encourage to tender on projects located in their community, but may also submit tenders for projects in other districts.

1. The vendor is required to:

(i) Repair or replace Basketball boards and rings
(ii) Repair or replace fencing and perimeter
(iii) Paint courts and line markings (for both Basketball and Volleyball)
(iv) Repair or replace lights and switch system

2. The tender shall be valid for 6 months from the date of the tender.

3. To be eligible for consideration of its tender, the vendor should meet and provide proof of the following requirements:

(i) A minimum number of 2 years experience providing Building and Construction Service
(ii) Job and client reference for the last 2 years
(iii) Managers and key staff profile and qualifications
(iv) Business Registration Certificate
(v) Sufficient funding to commence projects (Up-front payment will be limited to 50% of the value of the project)
(vi) Ability to complete the project within six months or sooner from commencement.
(vii) Ability to show community support to maintenance and security of the renovated facilities.

4. Please submit the duly completed and signed Form of Tender provided to the Department of Sports, Government Offices in Yaren by Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Selection Criteria

5. Tenders will be assessed on the following criteria:

(i) Value for money
(ii) Ability to meet quality and time requirements
(iii) Ability to show community support for the maintenance and security of the renovated facilities.

6. The selection panel for the tender is the Australia-Nauru Sports Steering Committee that is comprised of the Government of Nauru and the Australian High Commission.