On behalf of the Customs department

Licenced Custom brokers

Customs wishes to advise importers and exporters that they will no longer fill in importers import or export declarations for them.

Importers seeking to import or export goods into or out of Nauru to please contact a licenced Customs Broker on the following list.

Licenced Customs Brokers

Naomi Eoe Capelle and Partner
Sharko Bill Capelle and Partner
Nastalia Moses Central Meridian
Linus IKA Eigigu CTS JV
Anson Harris Eigigu CTS JV
Trent Depaune Eigigu CTS JV
Jeremy Amram MRC
Oanna Harris My Store
Jane Harris Ronphos
Meshah Denuga Vito Engineering
Fabian Ribauw Private
Delmoran Ratabwiy Private
Stacie Adun Private
Christine Jeremiah Private
Sheba Hubert Private
Farrah Demaure Private
Tini Duburiya Private
Brent Buramen Private
Christine Reiyesti Private

Broker licences will be issued so they can act as Customs Brokers to the community .

As a result of their now being licenced brokers, Nauru Customs service will no longer fill in importers import or export declarations for them.

For Transparency ; a customs officer cannot fill in declarations, only correct the errors in them. A customs officer cannot be a broker, nor can they work for one as it is a conflict of interest. A customs officer who passes the exam and desires to work as a broker must first resign before a licence can be issued.

For further information please contact a licenced Customs Broker as listed.

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Customs Department

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