On behalf of the Miss Nauru Organising Committee

Miss Nauru Eita Dabug 2017 beauty contest

The Organising Committee for the Miss Nauru Eita Dabug 2017 is pleased to announce the official date for the next Miss Nauru Beauty Pageant Contest which is on the 30th of June 2017.

Government Departments are not eligible to sponsor for this Competition. Sponsors must be a registered Private Sector or Community Based.

The four categories for this Contest include;

1.            Formal Island Day Wear (Short Dress)

2.            Formal Island Evening Wear (Long Dress)

3.            Traditional Wear

4.            Tsiwa Wear (3yard material)

To register for this contest, applicants must be;

•             Single – 19 to 25yrs

•             Nauruan Citizen

•             And must already have a sponsor

Registration closes on March 31st 2017. Registration forms are available at Nauru Media from 9am to 5pm. Hand-in registration form with Johannah Akubor 5573034

For further details, please contact the following committee members;

Junko Grundler 5579277

Krystalmaine Finch 5573167

Marlon Brechterfeld 5579270

Rendina Edward 5567500

Lianta Cain 5579293

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Miss Nauru Organising Committee

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