On behalf of the Nauru Reef to Ridge project/ Commerce, Industry and Commerce (CIE)

Terms of Reference for the R2R Community Officer


The R2R Nauru Project is a national project developed to support the goal of the Pacific Islands National Priorities Multi-Focal Area ‘Ridge-to-Reef’ Program (Pacific Islands R2R Program)  to “maintain and enhance Pacific Island countries’ ecosystem goods and services (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience”.

The goals of the R2R Nauru Project will be achieved through four specific interventions that will operate in an interconnected manner at national and district levels (community levels). Specific component of the R2R Nauru Project are (i) Improved management effectiveness of new Locally Managed Marine Areas- LMMAs (Marine Conservation Areas), (ii) Integrated landscape management practices adopted by local communities living within the ‘bottom-side’, and applicable ‘ridge’, and ‘topside’ areas not covered by mining, (iii) Biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management mainstreamed in policy and regulatory frameworks, and (iv) Knowledge management.

This program is designed to build stronger linkages between sustainable development and management of freshwater ecosystems (e.g. ground water systems for Nauru) and coastal/marine areas and promotes the implementation of holistic, integrated management of the nation’s natural resources.

The R2R Nauru Project will deliver its community outputs through the development of pilot sites located in five (5) districts of Nauru, which include; Anabar, Anibare, Ijuw, Menen and Buada.


Key Functions

1.            Support the implementation all and related R2R activities and any other services required/directed by the PMU

2.            Support the baselines surveys depending on the timeframe and record the information (numbers/totals/pictures/sketches/descriptions) collected on the field (marine/land)

3.            Liaise and update the Project Management Unit on the project progress and activities monthly

4.            Provide update and awareness to the members of the district through meetings or other form of communication regarding the project’s expectations and progress;

5.            Communicate thoroughly issues regarding the implementation of activities to the PMU

6.            Communicate in a consultative manner to the community any disruptions, delays and issues regarding the implementation of activities

7.            Work in collaboration with the LMMA in conducting basic monitoring surveys of LMMAs, resource mapping, stock taking, awareness, socio-economic household survey and facilitate consultation meetings

8.            Work in collaboration with Landuse Officer in confirming biophysical, demographic assessment, socio-economic household surveys,  water tanks systems, selection of households for replanting, monitoring and maintain water, eco-sanitation & agriculture initiatives, establishment of nurseries and propagating of seeds and plants)

9.            Liaise, participate and work in collaboration with other related projects to R2R approach.

10.          Support and facilitate the work of International Consultants concerning their respective district community.


1.            Monthly reports of activities

2.            Communication materials collected through activities (videos, photos, etc)

3.            Updates on community consultations


The R2R Community Officer reports directly to the Project Coordinator and the technical expert as per component, LMMA and the Land use officers. The PMU can inform and update the Executing and implementing partners as well as the TWC.


•             Secondary education, at least completed Form six or five

•             Basic communications skills with fluency in Nauruan and English

•             Experiences in community work, conducting survey, conducting consultations and meetings

General Terms and Conditions of Employment: Various benefits including health insurance, and annual/sick leave apply.  Contract duration is 1 year initially with the possibility of an extension dependent on performance and availability of funds.

•             APPLICATIONS MUST include a current Curriculum Vitae with full contact details, and three referees to be submitted by 10:00am Friday 31st March, 2017. Candidates must submit their application and CV by electronic mail to phaedora.harris@undp.org  and/or hard copy application and CV to R2R Project, Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment, Government Building, Nauru. For any enquiries please contact by mail or (674) 557 2960 / (674) 5567917.

•             Only Anibare residents can apply.

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