PFTAC Awards Night

To show recognition for reforms progress in Pacific Island Countries PFTAC hosted a dinner in Samoa to recognize major regional achievements. Three awards were presented – the first award “Strengthening Revenue Administration and Governance Arrangements” went to Nauru which started its first ever taxation reforms in 2014, with the introduction of a Revenue Administration Act and Employment & Services Tax Act, both of which became effective from October 1, 2014. A Business Tax Act was introduced on July 1, 2016, which imposes a business profits tax, small business tax and non-residents tax – these reforms are substantive, took a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to get the tax system where it is today.

The second award “Strengthening Revenue Administration and Governance Arrangements” was presented to Vanuatu which is currently undergoing policy, legal and administrative reforms. The last 18 months in particular have been very busy with the design of new laws, a strengthened Headquarters, introduction of a new function based structure, and setting up a comprehensive governance and project management framework to oversee the implementation of reforms. A compliance improvement strategy introduced in 2015 is taking effect with increased revenue flows noticeable during 2017.

The third award “Strengthening Revenue Administration, Governance and Core Tax Functions” was presented to Fiji who have made major progress over the last few years reflected in a new strategic and operational plan, a new structure, shifting to a compliance risk management approach and improving core tax functions have been major steps only achieved through hard work and a vision to become “World Class”.