President of Nauru Congratulates US President Trump

His Excellency President Baron Waqa has congratulated new United States President Donald Trump on his inauguration in a formal letter.

President Waqa expressed the Government’s desire to work closely with the US Government “in developing and further strengthening the strong bonds of friendship and mutual cooperation between our two nations and peoples.”

“On behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Nauru and personally, please accept, Mr. President our sincere best wishes for your personal good health and well-being and for the prosperity and happiness of the people of the United States of America,” the letter read.

Mr Waqa today said that while it wasn’t expressed in the letter, he commends the new American President for his strong support of Israel and for his attitude to Taiwan.

“Nauru has an excellent relationship with Israel and it is wonderful to see the new administration taking a different tack from the previous Obama Administration.

“We also value our close friendship with Taiwan and I felt it was a strong message to the world when, as president-elect, Mr Trump took a congratulatory phone call and held fast to his convictions.”

President Trump’s belief that the United States should have good relations with all nations including Russia was good for global peace, according to Mr Waqa.