President thanks Taiwan for another year of cooperation


President Baron Waqa has personally thanked Taiwan’s Ambassador Mr Chin-Fa Chow for “another year of wonderful cooperation between our two nations”.

Mr Waqa said the impact of the relationship has been felt across all areas of Nauruan society.

“Taiwan has contributed to the well-being of Nauru in many ways including grants, assisting students in practical ways and involvement in the Nauru Trust Fund, which will help future generations.

“I’d also like to recognise the wonderful specialist medical teams that visit Nauru on a regular basis, providing essential services in the areas of diabetes, heart, kidneys, eye surgery and other specialties.”

The President said the Nauruan embassy in Taipei strengthened the relationship and provided Nauru with a means to deal directly with the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

He also paid special tribute to the ambassador, calling him a “great friend”.


“Ambassador Chow has shown a genuine interest in our nation and has represented his country with dignity. His support of our people has been vital and I look forward to continuing our close relationship in this new year.”