Sports agreement signing

The Governments of Nauru and Australia have signed an agreement to refurbish and renovate sporting facilities on the island and to enhance Nauru’s Community Sports Outreach Program.

Australia has allocated $490,000 for the projects, which is expected to be provided within the next two months.

It’s hoped the measures, which include a revised Epon-Keramen style program, will help promote healthier lifestyles throughout the Nauruan community.

The agreement was signed by Nauru’s acting President Aaron Cook and the Australian High Commissioner John Donnelly.

Mr Donnelly said there would be a range of community consultations to determine which facilities across Nauru would be upgraded.

“Tennis courts, basketball courts and other fields are in line to be refurbished,” he said.

“We’ll then be able to go out and tender for contractors to come in and do the work.”

He said the Australian High Commission will work closely with the Nauru Sports Department to ensure the best result for the people of Nauru.

“Sports support has been a long-term association between Australia and Nauru.

“It’s a sub-set of our health engagement, which has included refurbishing the RoN Hospital and addressing non-communicable diseases in Nauru.”

Nauru’s Secretary of Sports, Mr Rayong Itsimaera, said he welcomed the support and co-operation to rev-up sports in Nauru.