Statement from Nauru Police Commissioner Corey Caleb


Re: Reports on ABC 7:30 program

I wish to clarify the facts around a report on the ABC on Wednesday September 14, 2016 and several prior reports by the same program, about the Minister for Justice Hon. David Adeang, HE President Baron Waqa and other MPs, that centre on dealings with an Australian phosphate company.

These allegations surfaced in 2009 and have been investigated by the Nauru Police Force (NPF). Following more recent media reports, the NPF and authorities on Nauru have reviewed the original investigations and found the following:

– These allegations involve events that are now eight years’ old and have been found in the past to be baseless. The NPF – which is the only authority able to investigate allegations against a Nauruan citizen in Nauru, is satisfied there is no case to answer and there is no ongoing investigation.

– It has been incorrectly reported that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are investigating this matter, however it should be noted that the AFP has no jurisdiction to investigate a Nauruan citizen over events in Nauru. The AFP has never requested assistance from the NPF and has confirmed that there is no investigation.

We can only assume these claims are being propagated by those with political agendas, as they are untrue.