Statement from the Government of Nauru

At approximately 7:20am on Thursday August 24, 2017, security at the Nauru Regional Processing Centre intervened in an incident in which a male refugee poured a flammable liquid over himself and attempted to set himself alight.

Initial investigations indicate the individual has a history of behavioural issues including domestic violence and was attempting to visit an estranged girlfriend at the time, who was living in protective accommodation.

Security acted quickly and extinguished the fire immediately. Medical personnel from IHMS were on hand within minutes. The man, who was able to walk to IHMS for treatment, sustained superficial burns and is being treated for inhalation of smoke and petrol fumes.

We applaud the actions of security and medical personnel who take their duty of care seriously, and will continue to investigate this incident in cooperation with other stakeholders. We wish the man a speedy recovery and continue to pray for him, the women involved and all affected.