Taiwan celebrates 106 years

The Republic of China (Taiwan) community in Nauru last week celebrated 106 years of its national day underscoring the countries achievements and assistance in the region over the years.

The country celebrates its anniversary as a special day distinguished by the spirit of national reform and revitalisation.

Also known as ‘Double Tenth National Day’ is a time to celebrate the government’s vision and the social bedrock upon which it is founded: the people of Taiwan’s belief in democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

At the dinner reception marking the occasion Taiwan Ambassador to Nauru Joseph Chow paid respect to his nations’ “ancestors whose hard work and sacrifice have made the success of our nation possible.”

Mr Chow reflected on his country’s achievements, the assistance from the international community and acknowledged Nauru as a “true friend” to Taiwan.

“Taiwan and Nauru have always been enjoying close cooperation in political, economic, and cultural fields and share similar views on regional and international issues of common concerns.

Taiwan has the honour of being one of Nauru’s development partners and will continue to work with Nauru for further cooperation,” Ambassador Chow said.

The ROC continues to assist Nauru in many aspects of development including the presence of the Taiwan Technical mission, education, visiting medical teams and treatments, and financial support.

President Baron Waqa acknowledged Taiwan’s prosperous society and underscored the two countries shared friendship.

“We have been friends for about 35 years because of the respect that we accord to freedom loving peoples. The people of China Taiwan are free, but not to the eyes of the world. Most of the world views Taiwan as a political part of the People’s Republic of China. They are afraid to speak out and we know it is not true.

“China Taiwan is a friend and we will always support her to the best that we can. We will always speak up for her in the region and in international forums.”