Tawaki Kam appointed minister

Member of Parliament Tawaki Kam was sworn in as the newest minister in the Cabinet of President Baron Waqa last week (3 Feb) taking up the portfolios of transport, sport and Port Authority previously held by the late Valdon Dowiyogo.

Chief Secretary Bernard Grundler facilitated the ceremony at the cabinet room witnessed by President Waqa, Cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

The remaining portfolios of health and fisheries previously held by the late minister have also been assigned to Minister Charmaine Scotty and Minister Shadlog Bernicke respectively.

Mr Kam is from the Constituency of Meneñ and was successfully elected into the 21st Parliament following the 8 June 2013 general election and was re-elected at the 9 July 2016 general election.

Minister Kam is proactive in his constituency with assistance in the new government housing scheme whereby residents receive assistance in refurbishing their homes. Most of the assistance has been in replacing roofing from asbestos to metal roofing sheets as well as other much needed housing repairs.