Urgent notice to all Nauru Partnerships

The Registrar of Partnerships wishes to advise all current Partnerships registered with a Business Name, Business License and holding a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Nauru that registration of your entity is now mandatory under the Partnership Act 1976.

There are other important changes to the Partnership Act by Amendments in 2016 and Regulations in 2017. These can be found on RONLAW website or by seeing the Registrar of Partnership staff at the Department of Justice. It is your obligation to comply with all rules and regulations of the Republic.

The Department of Justice will manage the registration including the supply of forms (forms are also available at the Nauru Revenue Office (NRO) when registering for your TIN) – in conjunction with the Business Licenses and Business Names registration services located at the Department of Justice, Yaren District – Government Office.

The registration fee is $500.00 and is required to be paid annually. Registration forms with your receipt of payment of registration can be supplied/lodged with: Mele Tagivakatini – Legal Officer at: meletulemaki@gmail.com or delivered to her at the Business License office by 31st January 2018.

The Registrar will waive your annual fee if you register before the 31st January 2018 deadline. All registrations after this date will require the payment of the full annual fee and may be subject to penalties for late registration.

Any Partnership found in default of a current registration will be subject to fines and other legal action until registered. The initial fine for non-registration is $1,000. Fines will be issued after the 31st January 2018 along with further legal action.

Any questions must be directed to the Legal Officer.